About Us


Welcome to 420 Highway Shop! San Francisco’s Original Cannabis Collective. 420 Highway Shop provides the best for its members. We strive to enhance the customer experience with one of a kind buds, exclusive products and highly trained staff. On all platforms, we are rated the greatest customer service in town! 420 Highway Shop tests its products and maintains strict quality control to safeguard your health. The menu is always refreshed with seasonal buds, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals at unbelievably low prices. Whether you’re a neighbor or just passing through town, 420 Highway Shop is the one stop shop for all your medicating needs. We provide safe and easy access with parking and 24-hour security every time you visit. We’re not just experts. We are specialists recommending only the finest cannabis products carefully selected for your specific needs.


The founders of Green 420 Cannabisshop are highly experienced cultivators who have served San Francisco patients for over a decade. With the advent of California’s recreational marijuana market, the Green 420 Cannabisshop team saw an opportunity to bring its expertise to new adult-use cannabis customers across the U.S. Serving both recreational users and medical marijuana patients, Green 420 Cannabisshop opens its doors as San Francisco’s ultimate resource for premium cannabis products and education.


The Green 420 Cannabisshop team wants to cater to its customers’ specific needs. Each budtender is a specialist in Los Angeles lifestyle and thinks about what cannabis products best get their customers through their days. Green 420 Cannabisshop budtenders offer individualized, undivided attention throughout the entire dispensary experience. No guest will ever feel ignored, uncomfortable or rushed out of the building. Green 420 Cannabisshop knows a great customer experience makes all the difference in cannabis. Los Angeles adult-use patrons can take as much time as they need to ask questions and learn about California’s finest marijuana brands. Green 420 Cannabisshop staff keeps up-to-date on the latest cannabis trends and local legislation and immerses its customers in the wonders of the cannabis industry.