Buy Himalayan Gold Cannabis Online

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Himalayan Gold marijuana strain induces light cerebral euphoria, uplifts mood, increases focus, prompts giggles and social interactions. Followed by body relaxation and laziness. Relieves stress, controls pain, stimulates appetite.

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Buy Himalayan Gold Cannabis Online

Buy Himalayan Gold Cannabis Online are home to many cannabis strains. Parents of Himalayan Gold originate in Himalayan-bordering countries of Nepal and North India. When grown indoors, Himalayan Gold plants can reach up to 5 feet. However when grown outdoors, they have been known to reach up to 8 feet in length. The aromas of this plant have been characterized as a sweet and spicy chocolate and a hint of pepper.

How many people throughout history have explored the Himalayan region? Among those who did in modern times, some brought back what is tantamount to gold in the world of cannabis. It is because of those journeys that led to one strain that people can use for the ultimate relaxation.


We thinking about gold, Fort Knox or any one of the countless jewelry stores come to mind. From the Himalayas, some of the earlier cannabis connoisseurs found gold in the form of plants. Hence, we now have access to, and can enjoy the benefits of one of its offspring.

Euphoric 50%
Uplifted 37%
Creative 32%
Sleepy 32%
Energetic 30%
Stress 52%
Pain 42%
Insomnia 37%
Anxiety 37%
Migraines 25%
Dry mouth 40%
Dry eyes 37%
Paranoid 12%
Dizzy 2%
Headache 2%
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