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Colorado’s favorite chocolate chip cookie is Sweet Grass Kitchen’s original creation. Just weeks after they hit the shelves, patients demanded the kitchen create more products. Contains 42 mg of THC

Buy Original Cookie Online

Buy Original Cookie Online Flour – Makes cookies thicker and cakier but also drier. Less flour makes them thinner and crispier.

Brown Sugar – Makes cookies chewier but too much makes them crispy and dark

Eggs – Adds moisture and structure to the cookies but also makes them spread. Room temperature eggs made a better cookie with less spread. Buy Original Cookie Online

Baking powder – Makes cookies fluffier and lighter in color.

Baking soda – Gives cookies flavor, color and lift.Buy Original Cookie Online

Butter – When creamed with the sugar makes cookies fluffy and chewy when melted makes them thinner and crispier.

Scoop size – For every test, I scooped with a #20 cookie scoop and also did a double scoop to see if they baked up differently. Across the board, the larger scoops resulted in thicker cookies with less spread.

Chilling – I didn’t notice much of a difference with chilling cookies. I know some people SWEAR by chilling. They may have been ever so slightly thicker but not a huge difference.

The Original Cookie

Hard, dry, crispy or doughy? I tried to recreate some problems that someone might have with their cookies to see what would happen. These are my results! I know this is a TON of information so feel free to scroll past if you’re not into geeky experiments about cookie ingredients like I am.

As I said earlier, I used the Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookie recipe and semi-sweet chocolate chips. I have rated my tests as far as crispy, chewy and cakey goes on a scale of 1-3. Each test starts with the standard control recipe from Test 1 and then I change one thing to see what happens

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